Black Crater Cord Lock Light

Black Crater Cord Lock Light

Black Crater Cord Lock Light: Extra security and safety light for backpackers, joggers, cyclists, campers and climbers. This unit is water resistant and is perfect for wet conditions. It has three functions: High, Low and Flash, and with a burn time of 12hrs, 20hrs and 50hrs, this unit is ideal for the cimmute to work or as a visual light aid when out and about doing your sporting activity. 3 functions: High, Low and Flash Burn time: 12hrs, 20hrs and 50hrs Weight: less than 8g Water resistant construction Corrosion proof stainless steel cord lock spring 3mm hyper bright white LED, 12000 mcs type Power source: Lithium CR1220 batteries (x2) witha shelf life of 5 years

Price: £5.49

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