Cateye Volt 200 Xc Front & Rapid Micro Rear USB Rechargea Front Lights

Volt 200XC (Front Light) Cateye’s Volt 200XC, the front light in this pair, comes with a solid 200 lumens of light output with two modes: flashing and constant. The light is easy to use with a top button that completely controls the light including turning it on, off and changing light modes. The internal lithium-ion battery is directly rechargeable via any standard USB and comes with up to 5 hours of battery life with a low battery indicator letting you know when it’s charge time. The integrated mounting strap makes it easy to take the light on and off your handlebars and is compatible with most bike frames. Rapid Micro (Rear Light) Meanwhile the rear light comes with a moderate 25 lumens of maximum light output that are spread across four different light modes ranging from constant to pulsing. The light is also USB rechargeable and comes with up to 30 hours of battery life. An integrated seat post bracket ensures quick and easy mounting on the go.

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