Exposure WhiteEye Front Light

Exposure WhiteEye Front Light

Exposure WhiteEye Front Light: The White Eye plugs into your Joystick and will double your light output to 480 Lumens on MaXx setting. Powered by Smart Port technology – activate Smart Port to power up the White Eye. 240 lumens – one setting only Compatible with all 2009 & 2010 Exposure lights with SPT CNC alloy casing Weighs just 26g including mounting clip – mounts to side of the Joystick (or Diablo). Will NOT work with Spark model! Instructions: 1. Press and hold the on/off button on the Maxx2 light for about six seconds (You will see a series of flashes from the light). This activates the SPT. 2. Now turn on the light as per usual. (You will see a few flashes before the light stays on constant). 3. Now plug in your WhiteEye Please be careful not to shine the light in your eyes as they are rather bright!

Price: £32

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