Gemini Olympia 2100L Light Set (6-Cell) Front Lights

Wireless Remote Gemini’s Olympia 2100 light set includes a wireless remote which minimises distraction and gives you full control when you’re in the midst of the action. Built for MTB riders and those that like to take things off the beaten track the remote control allows you to switch between light modes while you’re still on the move and without having to look down at all. Rechargeable Battery For long lasting power the light comes with a 6-cell lithium-ion battery pack which comes with a durable housing unit with a streamlined and integrated handlebar mounting system. To save you the constant hassle of having to replace your batteries the battery pack is completely rechargeable and comes with a charging cable which quickly allows you to get up to full power again. Light Modes The light comes with a versatile lighting mode design with ten different levels that can be programmed to. Straight from the box the light comes with three different light modes which can easily be toggled between to find the best light mode for your current environment and battery life. The light modes included are: Mode One (High): 2100 lumens light output – 1.45 hours battery life Mode Two (Medium): 1200 lumens light output – 4 hours battery life Mode Three (Low): 400 lumens light output – 9.45 hours battery life In the Box Olympia light head 6-cell battery Smart charger Built-in handlebar mount Helmet mount Head strap mount Silicone O-rings Extension cable Wireless remote

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