Hope Vision 4 LED Endurance Front Light

Hope Vision 4 LED Endurance Front Light

Hope Vision 4 LED Endurance Front Light: The all new 4 LED boasts some serious output. This impressive new light offers nearly twice the lumen output of its HID predecessor, now 960 lumens on max power! Endurance version includes 2 x 2 cell battery packs. Combine this with over 2 hours of burntime and it's a winning combination. The CNC machined lamp body mounts to the new reinforced nylon handlebar bracket, which fits both standard and oversize batrs with the clever use of removable rubber plugs. The bracket also allows for lateral adjustment of the lamp whilst riding. The 7.4v Li-ion battery pack is the same as the 2 LEDs 'Epic' version – with its 4 cells giving 5200 mAh. The battery has built in charge, discharge and short circuit protection. The connectors are fully sealed and totally waterproof (IP67). The light has a simple on/off/mode switch on the back. This has a new cycle program which turns the light on in 'low' mode and cycles through to the higher settings. This gives better control of the light in tricky situations when more light is needed quickly. In tests the Li-ion battery will last for up to 35hrs on low and 2hrs 15min on max, with the intelligent charger returning that in just 6 hours. The PVC case is small enough to fit under most stems, top tube junctions or slip into a hydration pack or jersey pocket. The 4 LED now utilises 'thermal throttling' techniques to increase the longevity of the LEDs and prevent damage to the electrical circuit due to overheating. This works by monitoring the temperature of the aluminium heatsink and restricting the power when it reaches a critical level, thereby keeping the casing at an acceptable temperature for handling while providing extended battery burn times by reducing the amount of energy lost through heat. As well as the universal handlebar clamp, a new reinforced nylon helmet mount is also included as well as ample velcro fastenings. This light is perfect for Endurance events, 12/24hr racing and night riding alike. It gives more light than you've ever had before with sensible run times and a low system weight. CNC machined in Barnoldswick, England Light Source: 4 x High Power LED Intensity: 960 Lumens – Max Beam: 3 x Spot (+/- 5 Deg), 1 x Flood (+/- 15 Deg) Mounting: Uni-Handlebar, Helmet, Head Harness Battery: 7.4v Li-Ion 5200mAh Charge Time: 6hrs Weight: 540g Power Levels: 4 (+ flash) Burn Time: 2 HR 15 MIN – 35HR+ Endurance version includes 2 x 2 cell battery packs. In the box: Light 2 x 5200 mAh battery packs Handlebar mount Helmet mount Power lead Smart Charger with UK plug

Price: £324

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