Hope Vision R8 LED Front Light

Hope Vision R8 LED Front Light

Buy now. Pay later on Hope Vision R8 LED Front Light. Hope Vision R8 LED Front Light: New for 2011/2012 the Vision R8 front light kicks out an impressive 2000 lumens allowing the way to be seen when out at night. The Eight Cree XPG (rank R5) LEDs kick out a never before seen 2000 measured lumens, but actually generate a combined total of 2800 lumens! This superior power demands a superior power supply so Hope developed the G2 5200mAh battery pack for use with the R8. The G2 battery allows the R8 lamp to run comfortably at higher power levels whilst also improving performance at lower temperatures. The power connectors between the lamp and battery have also been upgraded to handle the power. Improved gold plated connector pins have been introduced along with a new improved waterproof over moulding to ensure there are no interruptions to the power supply and that they are rugged enough for our harsh British climate. It also prevents the use of the existing 2600mAh and 5200mAh battery packs which are non-compatible with the R8 system. The R8 also features a new LCD user display to provide feedback on the battery life and current operational power level. Just like the R4 system the power levels are split into two sequences – Race and Trail. To maximise the capabilities of the sophisticated R8 drive circuit and customised optic there are eight power levels: four in Race and four in Trail. Race is accessed from off mode by a quick press of the power button, and the LCD backlight glows a subtle HOPE green. Trail is accessed by a press-and-hold of the power button and the LCD backlight glows orange. The Race sequence contains the four highest power levels, so cycling through these settings can be done faster and it eliminates the need to pass through the lowest level, ideal for those times when maximum light is priority and battery life is not critical. Within the Trail sequence there is an ultra low level for maximum battery life as well as options for varying the beam angle. The highly efficient custom optic – which is made up of four spot optics; two diffused optics and two elliptical optics – coupled with the advanced software within the drive circuit which makes it possible to vary the amount of power to each LED, allows us to provide separate spot and flood power levels. Spot beam concentrates the majority of power through the top row of LEDs which are behind the spot optics resulting in a long and narrow beam pattern. Flood beam channels more power through the lower row of LEDs which sit behind the diffused and elliptical optics so the resultant beam is short and wide without wasting too much light in the vertical plane. Trail sequence also contains the flash mode (which now pulses from dim to high) for times when ultra high visibility is required from long distance. Light Source: 8 x Cree XPG, R5 Bin Light Output: 2000 measured lumens, 2890 generated lumens Beam: Custom optic – 4 x Spot (+/- 5.5°), 2 x Diffused (+/- 6.5°), 2 x Elliptical (+/- 17° x +/- 7°) Mounting: New for 2011/2012 – CNC machined aluminium QR bayonet mount for handlebar Battery: New for 2011/2012 – 7.4v Li-Ion, 5200mAh, G2 Charge time: 6 Hours Weight: 480g (std) Power levels: 8 (two sequences of four), including flash Burn time: 1:15 hrs – 16:00 hrs

Price: £405

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