Knog Light Blinder Mob Eyeballer Front Front Lights

USB Rechargeable To safe you the constant hassle of having to change the batteries of your light Knog’s Light Blinder Mob Eyeballer Front light is USB rechargeable. Coming with a charging cable the light can be recharged via any standard USB port which can be found easily and just about anywhere. The light takes just 4-5 hours to fully charge and has a battery life of up to 76 hours. Mounting The light comes with a variety of mounting options including two interchangeable straps for bars 22-27mm/ 28-32mm+. This will attach to a large majority of different types of bike frames and can also be used to attach the light to your bag, panniers, clothing, handlebars and more. Visibility Built for keeping you visible in the hectic rush of built up urban environments the light comes with a powerful LED that can provide up to 80 lumens of light output. The light has a specially angled beam that produces 15-degrees of visibility. There are 5 different modes that can be switched between easily, even when wearing gloves, using the extra-large button push. The different modes included allow you to find a type of lighting that suits your current lighting environment and current battery life. The modes include: Mode One: Steady High – 2.7 hours battery life Mode Two: Steady Low – 8 hours battery life Mode Three: Strobe – 5.7 hours battery life Mode Four: Fancy Flash – 5.5 hours battery life Mode Five: Eco Flash – 76 hours battery life

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