MagicShine MJ 900B – USB Aufladbaar – Bluetooth App

Price: £69.99

Small size, ultra light weight, and our goal Light that was in the development of the new model range. A lamp head of the is so small and lightweight that you can wear it for provides comfort for hours on her head. At the same time but also a light that projects you is enough light for extreme requirements and quick Great product at a very good price. This is the new generation MJ Width/Bluetooth. High lumen output in a compact size – can provide a whole 1000 lumens Super-bright Camping Flashlight/Underwater Cluster Lighting Flashlight and weighs just 52 grams. Full control with Magicshine Bluetooth control there’s inserts, would you like the light output there very bespoke setup. With the new series with built-in Bluetooth module Steuerst you insulate your lighting needs no longer by using the button on the housing, but now also available via the free mobile app, iOS or Android. Individually adjustable with a MJ Width of lamp head you have the choice between four preset working, will leave you with only one button wechselst. Additionally will be available to you via the app four programmable brightness levels available. The MJ Width highlights thanks to the small and very light construction. With the helmet head use plays your benefits and illuminates the viewing direction taghell. Can also be used as a single lamp on the bar to 1000 lumens Super-bright Camping Flashlight/Underwater Cluster Lighting Flashlight A Multiple brighter than many rivals. MJ 6092B Lithium Ion Battery/Power Bank 2.6 Ah models MJ 90 x 53 x B Come With New Generation Lithium Ion batteries. Over the USB connection charges the battery on any available USB to Ttelle. Parallel For Light Use, verbindest du using the micro USB Other Devices (mobile phones/SAT NAVS…) the li ion battery – can be mounted on either in 2.6 or 5.2 Ah comes in a hard case and a triple Built-in charging status display. Would you like the battery Pure Power Bank uses, if necessary at the touch of a button the torch remove cables and Wandelst the rechargeable battery in handy pocket sized case.Mj 900B Bluetooth LED light with 1000 lumens

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