Moon Meteor-X Auto Pro Front Light Front Lights

USB Remote Control Moon’s Meteor-X Auto Pro Front Light comes with a USB remote control. This can easily be connected to your handlebar and close to where you put your hands allowing you to seamlessly change the light modes of your light without having to adjust your hold. This gives your full control while you’re on the move and allows you to stay focused on the track/ road ahead of you with less distractions. USB Rechargeable To save you the constant of having to change your bike lights batteries the Meteor is USB rechargeable. This allows you to quickly and easily recharge your bike light when you’re on the go from any standard USB port – these can easily be found as part of computer desktops, smartphone chargers and more. Side Visibility When cycling in built up urban areas you’ll often face multiple lanes of motorists and other road users. Therefore it’s important to stay seen from multiple different angles with the Meteor being designed by an advanced beam design that spreads the light providing a large range of side visibility. Light Modes The front light comes with seven different light modes that allows you to find the perfect light mode for your current lighting environment and battery life. The light modes included are: Mode One: 450 lumens maximum output – 1.30 hours battery life Mode Two: 250 lumens maximum output – 3 hours battery life Mode Three: 150 lumens maximum output – 5 hours battery life Mode Four (Flashing): 100 lumens maximum output – 20 hours battery life Mode Five (Flashing): 300 lumens maximum output – 18 hours battery life Mode Six (Day Flashing): 700 lumens maximum output – 45 hours battery life Mode Seven (SOS mode): 100 lumens maximum output – 24 hours battery life In the Box USB remote control Handlebar bracket Helmet bracket Wall charger Go Pro Mount adapter

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