Black Diamond Iota Rechargeable Headlamp Head Torches

USB Rechargeable To save you the hassle of constantly having to replace your head torches batteries the Iota is USB rechargeable. This allows you to quickly and easily charge on the go. You can charge the light via any standard USB port and this can be found universally and conveniently such as in your computer desktop, on the side of your laptop or as part of your smartphone charger. The light charges quickly so that you can use the light for cycling into work then plug it into your work computer before the afternoon ride home. Powerful Lighting The Iota is lit through a DoublePower LED which can produce up to 150 lumens of light output. This provides up to 40 metres of visibility even on the darkest of nights. The light has three different modes including full strength, dimming and strobe. The light also comes with a lockout function that allows you to pack the light without it accidentally turning on and wasting your battery life.

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