Headlights Capture Scorpion Lights Dedicated to Catch Scorpion Lights Purple Light Light Super Bright Head Wear Multi-Function Rechargeable,White + purple

Price: £43.20

Material: aluminum alloy

Battery capacity: optional

Power supply form: Charging

Power: Optional

Light source form: LED

Applicable environment: search, hunting, patrol, daily carry, self-defense, cave, night fishing, teaching, camping, walking, night riding

Power generation: charging

360 degree rotation: yes

Configure the charger: No

Maximum range: 200-500 meters

Color: white + purple

Circuit board instructions

1, OUR flashlight using advanced constant current technology, can effectively prevent the LED flashlight on the constant current requirements

2, special tips: a. Please do not overpressure use, the voltage should not exceed 4.2V b. Battery is facing forward, do not install anti, otherwise will burn board c. Attention to control the torch temperature changes, to ensure heat d Non – business Do not open the circuit board

3, the warranty note: open or deal with the circuit board is no longer warranty coverage.

Lithium battery instructions

1, lithium battery Features: lithium battery and cell phone battery charging method is completely different; lithium battery is not memory, can always charge, do not overcharge over the release.

2, the first charge of 6 hours at least, after the green light on the charger can be lit, and there is no need to charge too long.

3, especially prompted to use anti-overcharge, anti-reverse, anti-short circuit of the ‘three anti’Lighting mode: 1, the main lights double purple mode 2, double auxiliary lights LED mode 3, three lights full bright mode 4, three lights flash mode

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