Hope Vision 1 LED Adventure Front Head Light

Hope Vision 1 LED Adventure Front Head Light

Hope Vision 1 LED Adventure Front Head Light: The Vision 1 LED Adventure lamp has also been upgraded to reflect the same improvements as the standard 1 LED. Still using the same remote battery case on the back of the head harness to contain the four AA battery cells, but now featuring our standard connector system to enable the battery case to be mounted remotely (e.g. in a pocket or bag) when used in conjunction with the 1.0m extension cable. As with the standard 1 LED lamp, the upgraded Cree LEDs have increased lumen output by approximately 30% to 215 (measured) lumens without any reduction in battery life when compared to the previous model. This provides enough light to allow you to train as hard during the night as you would during the day. The fully re-designed drive circuit now features a new low battery warning mode to alert the user approximately 30 minutes prior to the shutdown of the lamp. Operation is controlled via a simple on/off/mode switch on the top and is programmed to turn the light on in low mode and cycle through to the higher settings, giving better control of the light in tricky situations when more light is needed quickly. The Hope branded charger set, which includes a set of 4 high performance rechargeable 2500mAh NiMH AA battery cells and a fast charger, is also available for the 1 LED Adventure providing everything you need to get up and running. Hope Technology is proud to have teamed up with battery producer Ansmann Energy to select and offer the most suitable battery cells for the 1 LED Adventure lamp. The high capacity cells from their highest performance range with the added benefit of being pre-charged, ready to use, and very low self-discharge rates are the perfect battery solution for the 1 LED Adventure lamp. The LED drive circuit has been optimised for use with these battery cells to deliver stable, repeatable performance with the highest possible burn time (see table), so we highly recommend purchasing the charger set along with the lamp unit. Hope branded packs of 4 x 2500mAh NiMH battery cells are also available as a separate item, should you require additional sets to carry as back-up batteries. This makes the 1 LED Adventure lamp an ideal choice for adventure racers or endurance athletes. Designed, tested and CNC machined in Barnoldswick, England Light Source: 1 x Cree LED Light Output: 215 measured lumens, 300 generated lumens Beam: 1 x Spot (+/- 12 Deg) Mounting: Head harness, Handlebar mount, helmet mount Battery: 4 x AA cells (optional additional purchase) Charge Time: 6 hours (for recommended 2500mAh cells from a fully discharged state) Weight: 205g (complete without batteries) Power Levels: 3 (+ flash) System includes: Lamp, head harness, handlebar mount, helmet mount, and 1.0m extension cable

Price: £99.00

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