Hurkins Orbit, 180˚ wide angle 1000 lumens rechargeable LED Headlamp / Head Torch (Navy, Orbit+Extension Belt)

Price: £71.90

Ultra light weight portable headlamp head torch, LED, super bright capacity range from 30lm to 1000lm. 18560 Lithium Ion USB rechargeable battery up to 100 hours of use. Certified IP56 waterproof and anti dust. Developed to assist professional workers and technical workers to increase comfort and efficiency while performing your work and demanding tasks that need perfect light and visibility as well as focus and accuracy. Compatible with helmet and possible to wear around the waist with the providing belt (option). Front visibility up to 30 meters and on the sides up to 180 degrees. Perfect for activities during low light or complete darkness. Perfect for your work, DIY, outdoor and indoor leisure activities. Perfect for your jogging, hiking, camping, fishing, trail, sky, reading and safety.180° WIDE ANGLE VIEW. Introducing the stunning wide angle LED head torch. The most comfortable and powerfull headlamp. Built for technical workers and leisure activities when the best possible head torch lighting is mandatory.

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