Petzl Myo XP Belt Head Torch

Petzl Myo XP Belt Head Torch

Petzl Myo XP Belt Head Torch: Powerful 1 LED headlamp with battery pack, 3 lighting levels and Boost mode. The MYO XP BELT headlamp evolved from the MYO XP. This lamp has all the features required for intensive use in any conditions: a high-output LED for powerful lighting, an optional Wide Angle lens for switching between a wide and a narrow beam, three constant lighting levels, a strobe mode for signaling, a Boost mode of 150 lumens, and a battery charge indicator light. The battery pack reduces the weight worn on the head to 75g Worn under clothing, it protects the batteries from the cold and humidity to help preserve battery life Powerful focused beam with 3 lighting levels (maximum, optimum, economic) and strobe mode, to adapt the light beam to activity and light duration needs Boost mode: 50% more light than the maximum level for 20 seconds (65 meters) Wide Angle lens for proximity lighting with a diffuse beam Top strap helps hold the headlamp on the head in case the cable is snagged Adjustable and comfortable elastic headbands Buttons are protected to avoid accidental operation Light beam can be easily aimed where desired Water resistant for all-weather use Up to 70 hours maximum Up to 90 hours optimum Up to 170 hours economic

Price: £53.99

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