Silva Headlamp Trail Runner 3X Head Torches

Visibility The headlamp houses three different LEDs including one red/green LED and two semi high power LEDs which can produce up to 250 lumens of light output. This level of light output is super bright and will keep you seen and help you see up to 65 metres away. The light comes with different modes that you can easily switch between to best suit your current lighting environment and your battery life level. Battery Pack The battery for the headlamp is USB rechargeable and comes with a USB charging cable that allows you to recharge the battery via any standard USB port. This makes charging on the go easier than ever through computer desktops, laptops or as part of your smartphone charger. To ensure that you never get caught out in the dark the light comes with a battery level light that lets you know when it’s time to charge. The pack is super lightweight and can be moved around the headband the find the perfect position for you.

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