Fibre Flare Micro Flare Duo Combo Set

Fibre Flare Micro Flare Duo Combo Set

Fibre Flare Micro Flare Duo Combo Set: The Micro Flare Duo Combo Set contains a Red Micro Flare Duo and a White Micro Flare Duo which are portable self contained safety devices that have flexible solid core side emitting fibre optic elements interposed between two electronic housing ends. Inside each of the housing ends is a single high intensity LED. When the LED's illuminate they emit a high intensity uni-directional light beam that is directed into each end of the fibre optic core. The fibre optic then distributes the LED light input and illuminates along its entire length to emit a high intesity omni-directional light output visible from almost any direction at distances over 300 metres (constant or strobe). Micro Flare has integral fabric clips at either end, these can be used to fasten to jerseys, jackets, bags etc. As well as fabric clips, Micro Flare comes with two silicone ladder slings that slide over the fabric clip and allow Micro Flare to be securely fastened to the bike frame. Full size: 156mm (l) x 34mm (w) x 15.5mm (h) 360 degree illumination 50 plus hours burn time – strobe Strobe or solid options Flexible fibre optic core Silicone slings fit 10mm – 50mm Each Micro Flare (Red, White): Batteries (4 x 2032) included

Price: £26.99

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