Reelight SL120 UK Light Set

Reelight SL120 UK Light Set

The Reelight SL120 UK Light Set looks identical to the SL100 but has a capacitor built in so the light will run for up to 5 minutes at stops – When peddling your bike friction free Reelight bike lights deliver its own energy source based upon a self-contained electrical system between high-efficiency LEDs in the lights and high-power neodynium magnets – The LEDs blink as you peddle when magnets pass the light mounted on your bike wheel – No need for batteries – No maintenance of the lights – No moving parts in the system and therefore long durability of lights and magnets – No need to be concerned about forgetting them as they are fixed on the bicycle – LEDs with long lasting durability – Bike lights are made to light your bike up day and night – Set of front and rear lights – Not compatible with hub geared bikes or Brompton folding bikes.

Price: £39.99

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