Exposure Piggyback Single Cell Battery

Exposure Piggyback Single Cell Battery

Exposure Piggyback Single Cell Battery: Our new range of MaXx lights already have impressive burn times which are more than adequate for most people. However, the "Piggyback" battery feature allows the burn times to be extended almost to the point of infinite! Simply by plugging a "Piggyback" battery into the charger port and attaching the extra battery beneath your stem you can add burn times equivalent to the Joystick or Enduro MaXx. The Piggyback battery works by recharging the light as you use it. When the light is switched off and the Piggyback battery is plugged in it will pass charge into the light unit acting as a portable charge station. Genius. Our "Piggyback" batteries use new cell technology manufactured by the World leaders in Lithium Ion battery technology – Sanyo. The idea of the Piggyback battery is to plug the battery into the light at the start of use. This will allow you to use the light on MaXx, Ride and High for a largely extended period of time. If the battery is plugged in with the light half charged, the Ride and Low modes will be avilable. Works with all 2008+ Exposure rechargable lights Example: Joystick burn times 3hr/10hr/24hr (Max – High – Low) Joystick with Single Cell Piggyback battery 6hr/20hr/48hr (Max – High – Low) Available as single (or triple cells) and supplied with velcro attachment strap and fitting block Recharge with standard charger used for Exposure Lights – fitting included with battery Mountable under the stem, to the helmet (single), on the light unit itself (walking) or carried in your pocket or backpack (triple) Weights including fittings: Single 86g Cable lengths: Single 38cm

Price: £36

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