Azornic Bike Spoke Reflector 72pcs Bicycle Cycling Reflective Clip Tube for Kids Adult Bike Easy Mount




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Bright reflective series products, colorful light bicycle spokes, The distant direct light back to the light reflection principle according to the light, day or night reverse have good optical effects of radiation. Itself has the color and in the night under the condition of light scattering, in effect, reflecting the body color of the light, so that the vehicle can easily find the rider, reflecting the good warning action. Meanwhile with the 6 different colors, the safety warning I also show colorful cycling life, is very good decorative ornaments and night protective equipment.

colors: Blue/Green/Red/Yellow/Orange/Sliver
Material: Abs tube + colorful reflective coating film
Length: 75mm/2.952″ (inch) (approx)
Inner diameter: 1.8-2.5mm
Outer diameter: 5mmHIGN VISIBILITY: colorful reflective clips to wheel spokes to improve sidelong visibility, enhances safety at night and during bad weather conditions.
EASY MOUNT : push spoke reflector on spokes, and pull out to release spoke if you don’t need them any longer, very easy mount and remove.
NEED AN EXTERNAL LIGHT: it is just bicycle reflector, so couldn’t bright itself if you ride in the dark without light, It needs an external light.
STRONG REFLECTING FEATURE: will be reflective in the light irradiation and give a security warning, easy to be found by running vehicles from long distance
FITS STANDARD SPOKES: bike spoke reflector has 75mm Length, fits spokes with 1.8 – 2.0mm diameter.


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