AWE® X-Fire 360TM USB 2.0 10 Lumens Rechargeable Rear Light White (No More Batteries!) CE Approved

Price: £29.99

The AWE X-Fire 360 produces AweSum performance featuring 10 Lumens, 360 Degree Visibility, Waterproof Design, Tri-Positional Head.3 x Red LED’s, 800 Metre Visibility. USB 2 Rechargeable(No More Batteries), USB Recharging Cable Included. Red Low Battery Indicator equals 30mins Run Time, Charge Time Upto 2 Hours, Recharge On PC Or Mac. 3.7v Lithium-ion 300mAh Battery. LED green charge inicator Off equals Charged. AWE Bike Accessories offers one of the most comprehensive ranges of bike accessories available today. With a strong high street brand presence, it has become a sought after brand in the cycling market. Their diverse product range includes lights, helmets, locks, pumps, saddles, reflective gear, Tyres & Tubes and much more10 Lumens, 360 Degree Visibility, Waterproof Design, Tri-Positional Head, Quick Release Bracket, 3 x AweBright Red LED’s, 800 Metre Visibility

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