Bike Fenders Set, Front and Rear Mudguards with LED Taillight ( Color : Red )

Price: £13.99

The front and rear tire mudguard can keep your bicycle dryer and cleaner when on rain days. To solve the trouble of the rainwater. The mudguard is lightweight, portable and durable. It is easily install and adjust height of the mudguard. One for front wheel and the other one for rear. It is made of advanced soft rubber, high strength and easy to install and quick release. Worth buying!

1. Made of high quality soft rubber material, high strength, not easily broken, quite strong and durable
2. With a LED taillight on the tail of the rear fenders. Under the irradiation of car headlights, bicycle fenders still clearly visible
3. Lightweight and easy to install and quick release
4. A great choice for most kinds of mountain bike, road bike, city bikes, etc

Color: Red, Blue, Black, White (optional)
Material: Soft Rubber
Package Weight: approx. 325-350g
Front Fender Size: approx. 56 x 7cm / 22.04 x 2.75 Inch
Rear Fender Size: approx. 53 x 7cm / 20.86 x 2.75 Inch
Front Fender Mounting Position: Front Fork Hole (20.5-28mm / 0.8-1.1inch)
If the installation hole larger, later you can use gasket filling processing; mounting holes is too small, cannot be installed.
Rear Fender Mounting Position: Bike seat Tube (24-31mm / 0.94-1.22 Inch)
If the tube diameter smaller, later you can use processing of gasket filling; the tube too thick, cannot be installed.
Suitable: For most of the mountain bike
LED Light Power Supply: 2 x AG10 batteries (not included)

Package Included:
1 x Front Bicycle Mudguard
1 x Rear Bicycle Mudguard
1 x Set of Installation Gadgets (Not included the bike)Made of high quality soft rubber material, high strength, not easily broken, quite strong and durable

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