Brompton Electric rear light – Spanninga Solo

Price: £26.99

Brompton Electric Spanninga Solo rear light – for the Brompton Electric folding bike – powered by the Brompton Electric battery Note: Brand new ….. better pictures to follow soon! This Brompton Electric rear light (made by Spanninga) is specifically for the Brompton Electric The rear light has a “stand light / safe stop” function which means it stays on for approximately 4 minutes after you stop (powered by a capacitor) – to improve your visibility when stationary at traffic lights for example. (Some station masters don’t like this functionality as it means you can be on a station platform with a red light) This Brompton Electric Spanninga Solo rear dynamo light also has a built in reflector – so will give some visibility even when the light is not on Suitable for batteries with output from 6-36 volts DC Complete with black mounting bracket (equivalent to the No Rack version on standard Brompton bikes)Note: This is one of the spares specifically for the Brompton Electric – not for standard Brompton folding bikes

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