Exposure Lights Blaze Mk.1 Taillight

Price: £94.99

Blaze is a revolution in cycling visibility. With its optimised beam pattern, powerful 80 lumen output and range of modes including a super bright flash and constant modes the Blaze is the perfect way to stay safe this winter. Featuring a high tech resin lens that is specifically designed to maximise light collection from the LEDs to efficiently produce an optimum beam pattern while ensuring no light is wasted, the Blaze offers a highly focused beam with minimal glare helping to boost visibility without blinding other road uses. Constructed from CNC machined aerospace aluminium the Blaze is fully waterproof and efficient at transferring heat to keep the LEDs cool and efficient. The Blaze is fully manufactured in the UK to ensure the highest possible build quality. The gold plated charge port is highly resistant to corrosion and more efficient at transferring power to minimise charging times and is sealed to a greater level to add additional water protection to your blaze light. The included storm cap helps to protect the smart port from dirt and moisture when not in use. In The Box Blaze Light Seatpost Mount USB Charger Quick Start Guide Cable Free Design The primary design feature of Exposure Lights, no cables! Cable Free Design removes the hassle of straps and cables to make using your Exposure Light a pleasure. This design also makes swapping your light between bikes exceptionally easy. Smart Port Technology Plus SPT+ Lights automatically recognise Exposure accessories allowing you to power additional front or rear lights, use a remote switch or charge USB devices on the move – perfect if your phone runs out of battery mid ride.   Intelligent Thermal Management Controlling the temperature of LEDs is important in ensuring they are as efficient as possible. Exposure’s Intelligent Thermal Management ensures that your light never heats up to a point where the light loses power due to an elevated temperatuWeight: 80g, output: 80 lumens red light, power: 1400mAh

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