Fibre Flare Shorty Rear Light

Fibre Flare Shorty Rear Light

Fibre Flare Shorty Rear Light: The ultimate safety Light. Fibre Flare uses the latest super-bright fibre optic technology in a flexible tube with multiple attachment options. Versatile design allows this product to be mounted on seat posts, chainstays, bags or clothing. Fibre Flare Side Lights – Specifically Green, Blue or Yellow in colour, Fibre Flare Side Lights are the ultimate way to boost your overall side visibility when riding at night, whilst adding a splash of colour to your ride. Fibre Flare Side Lights are specifically intended to be used in combination with regulatory coloured bike lights (White front light and Red Tail light) to boost your overall side visibility. How it Works?: Fibre Flare is a portable self contained safety device having a flexible solid core side emitting fibre optic element interposed between two electronic housing ends; inside each of the housing ends is a single high intensity LED. When the LED's illuminate they emit a high intensity uni-directional light beam that is directed into each end of the fibre optic core; the fibre optic then distributes the LED light input and illuminates along its entire length to emit a high intensity omni-directional light output visible from almost any direction at distances over 300 meters (constant or strobe). Fibre Flare has integral fabric clips at either end, these can be used to fasten it to jerseys, jackets, bags etc.. As well as fastening using the fabric clips, Fibre Flare comes with two silicone ladder slings that slide over the fabric clip and allow Fibre Flare to be securely fastened to the bike frame. Length: 250mm Ultra bright Flexible fibre optic core Omni-directional visibility (180 deg + mounted, 360 deg hand held) Up to 20 times more illuminated surface area than regular rear lights 75+ hours burn time (strobe) using 2 x AAA batteries Supplied with brackets and batteries

Price: £25.19

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