Knog Blinder Mob V Four Eyes LED Rear Bike Light-Black

Price: £28.59

Bright urban bike lights like the Knog Blinder Mob 4 Eyes Rear Light is ideal for daily commutes. Outputting 80 lumens of light at the front and 44 at the rear the Four Eyes bike light ensures you are well seen not just to road riders ahead of you, but those behind too. With its focused 35° beam, reflective faceplate and multiple light modes (2 constant & 3 flash), the Four Eyes is guaranteed to light up your back end, night and day. Coming with 2x front & 3x rear interchangeable straps so you can swap the light between bikes with different sized seatposts – including aero seatposts and oversize bars. For incredible visibility in even the darkest conditions, the Knog Blinder Mob 4 Eyes Rear Light is the ideal choice.


44 lumen output
4 surface mounted LEDs
1000m visibility
Low battery indicator
Full waterproofWaterproof, reflective face, USB recharcheable rear bike light

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