tern vizy Rear Lamp Light

Price: £37.99

+ Optimum visibility. + The Circle Light The Ground conditions making it more security; Easy to recharge via USB; + + The Weatherproof housing cameras. The Tern vizy Rear lighting offers more than the cyclist, compared to conventional bicycle light. Indeed, in addition to its visibility from the rear, this model vizy projects a wide circle of light on the ground, around the cyclist and his bike, which invite motorists to déporter beyond when they set out to grow it. Easy to install, this signed Tern recharges easily via USB. – Weatherproof watch Stainless steel case IP X5 () Dimensions: 30 x 28 x 76 mm; – Compatible with bike saddle bar with a diameter of 27.2 mm; 35 mm; Weight (Manufacturer): 74.

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