WASAGA Bike Rear Light, Smart Brake Bike Tail Light USB Rechargeable, 5 Light Modes Red High Intensity Bicycle Taillight Waterproof Helmet Backpack LED Lamp Safety Warning Strobe Light (Grey)

Price: £18.99

WASAGA: We are dedicated to provide the highest quality, the most comfortable and best user experience products.
Idea as a gift for your friend and family. We wish you a pleasant using experience. Just enjoy it.

What is the specifications?
Battery: Rechargeable Lithium polymer battery. Up to 500 charging times.
Brightness: 15Lm.
Light Mode: Strobe(9h)>Slow strobe(56h)>Meteor(14h)>Windmill(17h)>Breathing flash(8h).
Dimensions: ф39.5 x 29mm.
Weight: 29g.
Housing material: PC Engineering plastics. 6063 Aluminum alloy.

What is the Smart Brake Mode?
1. Quick double click the button enter into smart brake mode, indicator will light on.
2. In the smart brake mode, when the light senses bicycle has braking behavior, all the lights will enter into strong light mode to remind the cars or others behind to pay attention, and the strong light mode will last for three seconds.
3. In the smart brake mode, when the light senses bicycle stop for ten seconds, it will extinguish all LEDs and enter into sleeping state to save battery power, and once again sense the movement of the bicycle, it will return to the original light mode when it moves.
4. In the smart brake mode, you can exit the smart brake mode by double click the button quickly.
The power consumption of the sleeping state in the smart brake mode is greater than the “OFF” state. When not using the product, please exit the smart brake mode and then enter into “OFF” state.

What are packaged?
1 x Bike tail light
1 x USB charging cable
1 x Fixed belt
1 x Fixed clip
1 x User manual
✅ SMART BRAKE BIKE TAIL LIGHT: Easy to set. Double click the button quickly then enter the smart brake mode. And double click the button quickly again will exit this mode. More details can see picture 2 or description

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