EagleTac D25 AAA Mini Flashlight Torch with XP-G2 S2 LED & 145 Lumens RED RING

Price: £26.53

EAGTAC D25AAA Compact 3x AAA EAGTAC Key Ring Light Bulb with a magnet on the end of the torch D25AAA is equipped with a TIR look, making it suitable for a relatively long distance control. The lamp is designed for powered by one AAA alkaline battery or AAA NiMH cells, a 10440 battery can be used, but it is due to high heat and is useful to the low capacity the available cell abzuwägen whether there is a use of cells. When used a 10440 lithium batteries is operated the lamp in the highest stage in the direct drive.The only • Uses one 10440 3.7 V lithium battery is possible to use this is a very Kurzfristiger operation admissible, when exposed to strong heat the lamp may be damaged, a • Uses one 10440 Battery is independently and is not covered by a warranty reached the CREE XP-G S2 LED delivers up to 85 ANSI Lumen and a Luxwert of still 500LUX. Three light levels with 85/40/8 Lumens Super-bright Camping Flashlight/Underwater Cluster Lighting Flashlight can be adjusted, as the D25AAA is for the low step starts. Further there are 7 hidden of light. This is a sturdy clip and a hanging loop for a lanyard allowing the secure installation or back of the lamp. They also feature a the fibre at the end of torch embedded magnet the a or other application to great product at a very good price. Technical Data: CREE XP-G S2 LED Head Diameter, 14 mm case diameter, Total Length: 13 mm, 70 mm Weight 13 g. (without battery) Operating Voltage 0,8 V – 4.2 V Power Supply: 1 x AAA battery 1 x AAA rechargeable NiMH battery, 1x 10440 lithium battery ANSI Lumen, 85/40/8 light duration, 0.7/1.3/6 hours (measured with Sanyo Eneloop AAA 950 mAh) center Lux, 500 Center spotlight, spill 19,3 °, 55 ° driver, A300 MEagleTac D25 AAA Mini LED Flashlight Torch with CREE XP-G2 S2 & 145 lumens red ring

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